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“Our objective is get that each studient gains the required techniques and skills to do their labour with professionalism and rigour

Dorn therapy

It is used to reposition the articulations. This technique, based on a holistic conception of the human organism, allows for “convincing” the articulation instead of “forcing” it, as osteopathy does.

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It acts on many different spheres of our health, regulating body’s energy through the ear.

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Continuous cutaneous stimulation

This is a technique that treats pain by stimulating the skin during several days with different methods: pressure, puncture, magnetism, etc.

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Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that stimulates acupuncture points through heat, and which is aimed to relieve diverse physical discomfort states.

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Aldir 3D

A technique of manual therapy that specific focused in contractures, dealing in a tridimensional form. Thanks to this technique, we achieve more satisfy actory results than the traditional massage in a smaller timeframe. Seminar is essentially practical.

You will learn to locate different types of contractures in different localizations to solve the problems that it makes: articulation pain, spinal, etc. Addressed to professional physiotherapist of manual therapies and students of same.

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